Kathryn Sanford

209 Forrer Blvd, Oakwood 45 419

Jill and Kathryn did a superb job with the sale of my home! They gave targeted advice, both on improvements and pricing, and helped present the home optimally. Excellent availability and communication! The result was an offer very soon after listing and a prompt closing. I believe this experienced team has exceptional talent in all aspects of selling a house, including renovations/updates, the Oakwood neighborhood, the real estate market and in understanding the needs of buyers and sellers.

Angela Westendorf

435 Schenck Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill worked with us to get us the best possible offer. We previously had the house on the market with another realtor who did nothing. She had us redo the 1950's bathroom and helped us to remove the items that we did not want when we moved. Also was able to get us repairmen we needed.

Kristin and Robert Aguiar

132 Lonsdale Avenue, Oakwood 45419

My husband and I initially had Jill over for an interview to access our home and she asked why we wanted to wait until March. She explained that we were in a prime time to sell now and if we waited until March, she couldn't say if it would be the same opportunity... so we decided to move forward  and sell... from start to finish it was 1 day shy of 7 weeks! We never thought that our home would sell that fast and we never imagined that we would have such an amazing experience in selling our home! Jill and her entire team, from Jason, to Brenda, to Lisa, to Kathryn, to Kevin/Jeremiah and back to Jill at closing we had the best home selling experience EVER!!! THANK YOU Team Aldineh

Pamela Penchoff

225 Wisteria Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team go above and beyond the necessary steps to make sure that the process of selling (or buying) a home is as stress free as possible and has many resources to achieve that goal in a timely fashion.

Michael Grenat

225 Wisteria Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill has been excellent to work with. Jill has great knowledge of the Oakwood area of Dayton. She has helped us find an excellent mortgage broker, great inspector, and affordable contractors. This has been overall exceptional experience.

Robert and Robin Bauer

3202 Kingfisher Place, Beavercreek 45431 1700 Kathy Marie Court, Beavercreek 45385

Jill was very patient with our many wants and needs and she was persistent in getting everything that we wanted in a house and in our price range. Highly recommended!

Rose Sherman 

637 Peach Orchard Drive, Dayton 45449

They were very professional and knowledgeable and hard working and help us provide a very nice home for the buyer. They help provide us with skill companies to get the repairs done.

Erin Gwin

2648 Big Woods Trail, Beavercreek 45431.

Got the job done! And quickly! These ladies know what they're doing!! Thanks Jill and team! Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Someone was always available 24/7 via text/phone/email. Jill was also able to connect me with the people I needed to get my house ready for sale.

Greg and Jackie Ramey

200 Harman Blvd, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team were just wonderful. They were professional, hard working, and very knowledgeable. Jill's enthusiasm is infectious, which she balances with many suggestions concerning how to improve the saleability of a house. We would absolutely recommended Jill. She is competent, caring and  committed! Both her and her team are absolutely great!

Jeanne Boison

117 Pelham Drive, Kettering 45429

Jill and her team did a great job finding and negotiating a contract on a home I was interested in. Everything went quickly and closed without any issues. She is very knowledgeable about the Oakwood and Kettering areas and proved to be a valuable asset in looking for the perfect new home for me.

Lawrence Bach

432 Dellwood Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill helped us with a difficult situation while we were selling. She was very professional and sympathetic. The problem concerned one of the family members whose consent was required to sell the property. She also was able to keep the buyer interested in the property and helped close the sale.

Eric and Rebecca Evans

1019 Schantz Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill knew the Oakwood market and what it would take to sell our home. She advised us regarding improvements to make to increase our odds of selling. She also provided staging for the house that really contributed to our quick sale. We sincerely believe that having Jill on our team made our property sell.


Helen and Robin Horth

2528 Brown Bark Drive, Beavercreek 45431 600 Renolda Woods Circle, Kettering 45429

I call her my super woman, if you want to sell your house call Jill! Hands downs best realtor we’ve ever dealt with. 4 days on the market and $1000 over asking price! What Jill and her assistand Kathy say they will do EXACTLY what they say they do!

Kate and Schylar Griffiths

315 Shafor Blvd, Oakwood 45419 346 Wisteria Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill Aldineh & Team were amazing! This is the second time we've been fortunate enough to work with them and are sincerely grateful for their diligence, understanding, and advocacy. Our process, although unexpected, was extremely challenging. However, Jill &Team never missed a beat. Their hard work  and perseverance got us through it. Jill & Team are very straightforward and exhibit an extended kindness beyond closing deals and consistent encouragement. Absolutely recommend them for any & all real estate needs. Thank you, Jill & Team!

Jane and David Novick

173 Thruston Blvd, Oakwood 45419 1121 Oakwood Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill was very attentive to my needs. She has a great understanding of the local market and personally has been inside most of the homes that are on the market. She understood what we wanted and did not waste our time on houses that obviously were not want we were looking for. Jill was very  accessible by phone and email.

Richard Mass

313 Thruston Blvd, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her entire team went above and beyond during the sale of our home. Jill knew what needed to be done to make the house attractive to buyers in the area. She explained this well and made it happen. The house sold quickly and at a great price! I will let Jill and her team help us again and I  would not hesitate to recommend them to my family & friends. Thanks!

Elizabeth Cooper

306 Orchard, Oakwood 45419

Jill helped us with three house transactions in the last two years in both Oakwood and Kettering. She's very knowledgeable, quick to respond, and pleasant to work with! She sold our home in 48 hours and helped us find a very specific home to purchase that took a lot of searching. At this point I  consider Jill a friend and feel very lucky to have found her.


Lee Etta Kasper

357 Monteray Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Our initial meeting with Jill was notable in her research and understanding of the current market and our property's value. She and her team were proactive from the listing to settlement; often anticipating/resolving issues before they became problems. Having a broad real estate background/experience, utilizing current effective marketing tools and providing constant

access/communication made the sale of our home a most enjoyable and profitable experience. We would highly recommend Jill and her Team to our family, friends and neighbors. :o)

Joyce Kang and Albert Wang

158 Greenmount Blvd, Oakwood 45419 167 Indiana Avenue, Dayton 45410 314 Illinois Avenue, Dayton 45410

Jill is the very best agent in the area especially in Oakwood. She was the first one responded to our listing interview requested. I told her we can give her 30 minutes for the listing presentation and she said "can I have an hour because I have so much to share with you". My husband and I like  this attitude and this is our first positive impression about her even we haven't met her. Jill and her team gave us a great listing presentation and before she finished we had already made our mind to hire her even we haven't met the other agents yet. Once we signed our listing agreement, she lined up everything such as appointment with a professional photographer, open house date, staging, ads in our local newspaper,.. Our house was on the market two days later after the listing agreement signed and there were many showing requests made and scheduled the first day because she had called around. Within the first few hours we got a full price offer and our house was sold the first day on the market. We were very happy about this outcome. She then continued monitoring the whole process throughout until closing. She went above and beyond for some difficult situation that was out of our control and she solved all the problems with her smooth, professional skills that we believe no other agents will be willing to deal with. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She is a problem solver not a creator. Compared to other agents whom we interviewed, she is very excited about our home and she appreciated and valued the uniqueness of our home that other agents don't really pay attention to or care about. She has the best marketing and technology skills that is very important and essential in today's market. Jill and Yaser both have a very likable personality and they do things quick and always responded to our questions and needs right away even it's 11PM. We strongly recommend Jill and her team and will tell all our friends to hire her when considering selling their homes especially in Oakwood.

Kym Sellers

400 Wonderly Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team works with you in an efficient, professional and thorough manner. She takes the time needed with you to sell your home. She knows the area and what is the clients want when looking for a home.

Thomas Kenworthy 

253 Volusia Avenue, Oakwood 45409

Jill is a seasoned and very knowledgeable real estate agent (and a really nice person with a great sense of humor). I/we could not have asked for a more professional and courteous person (and team of people) to represent and sell our home.

Andy Janovsky

428 Monteray Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill came to our initial interview VERY prepared, and brought with her an infectious enthusiasm (as well as her daughter/business associate). She made such an overwhelming presentation that we, immediately after, cancelled any other interviews we had planned, and decided to hire her team. We were  not disappointed!! Jill is extremely organized, and her motto must be "Why wait?" Things began to happen immediately. Pictures were scheduled. Ad copy was written by a professional. We signed an agreement on Sunday, and by Tuesday, our house was listed, Wednesday it was featured in the local paper, and on Thursday we signed a contract to sell. Jill didn't stop there. Closing was scheduled for 3 weeks later. Whatever detail needed to be addressed, she took care of. Any questions that we had, she answered. She scheduled required inspections, attended them on our behalf, and arranged for repairs to be done promptly to satisfy the buyers and inspectors. Throughout, she kept us informed, and was always available. We could not have been more impressed with her work, or more satisfied. We unreservedly recommend her services. Oakwood's Best!

Michael and Cassandra Rice

1502 Schantz Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill was amazing throughout the entire purchase and closing process! She was a true advocate for our personal and financial interests from the beginning, and certainly is an experienced, professional real estate agent in and out! My wife and I had the best experience with Jill, and would 100%  recommend her to anyone purchasing a home in the Dayton area!

Lorraine and Jerry Kotler

506 Volusia Avenue, Oakwood 45409

5317 Wolf Ridge, Dayton 45415

Helped in every way possible with the purchase of a house. Helped locate a home in our price range, arranged for us to see the houses, and helped us negotiate a fair price for the house we chose to buy. In addition, she provided us with the information and contacts we needed for the purchase  process. Jill is the best!

Robert Weltner

235 Ridgewood Avenue, Oakwood 45409

1021 Yorkshire Place, Dayton 45419

JiIl brought us the buyers of our home in Oakwood, and then worked hard to bring the deal together and to closure, given some tricky financial, timing, and logistics issues involving the buyer of our house, the buyer of their house, and our move to another location in Dayton for our son. Jill,  assisted by her husband and partner Yaser, helped us evaluate and purchase a house in Patterson Park. She masterfully handled and worked out countless issues (large and small) involving the three tranasctions -- these deals involved financial matters, inspection and repair issues, logistics and timing problems, and getting our new house out of an estate. Jill is extremely knowledgeable, practical, responsive, trustworthy, straightforward and personable. There are no issues that are too big or small for Jill and Yaser to address.

Shawn and Kelly Jones

If you’re thinking about listing your home in Oakwood and you’re not sure which agent to list with, may I strongly suggest that you list your home with Yaser and Jill Aldineh.

While it might not seem that the listing agent choice matters… let me tell you – IT DOES!

Not all situations are alike. You may need to sell quickly. You may want to get the highest price even if it takes a bit longer. You might want to do home improvements to reduce sales time but aren’t sure what will matter. If any of these situations are your concern… Please put your trust in Yaser and Jill Aldineh. I relocate quite often for my job. My wife and I have bought and sold 5 homes in the past 13 years. I have had the opportunity to work with several agents from many agencies all over the United States. None of them understood our unique situation and family needs like Yaser and Jill. We could quickly tell that the Aldineh Team doesn’t use the same strategy with every client like other real estate agents. We found them always working hard and looking for unique strategies to meet their clients varying expectations. I will be the first to admit that I am a tough client. In contrast, Yaser and Jill were patient. They established a game plane and worked the game plan together with us. They always gave us wise (and sometimes tough) counsel along the way. We did a lot of plan “tweaking” as we went along and I am happy to report, we hit ALL of our goals. But most importantly, we sold my home months faster than my wife and I ever thought possible!

Across the several homes and 5 states my family and I have lived in, there are only two agents I’ve done business with whom I trust implicitly. Those agents are Yaser and Jill Aldineh. The bottom line is if you just want a listing in the MLS and a colorful sign in your yard, you can get that anywhere. But if you want a trusted partner who will go out of their way to exceed your expectations, then you want to work with Aldineh Homes.

Other reviews through Zillow, clients did not submit their name or address… Home in Centerville

Jill made quick work of selling our home for us. It was actually only listed for 1 week before we had 2 nearly full asking offers. She went through our home prior to listing and gave suggestions to change a few things for the pictures that she had taken for us. We also used Jill for the purchase  of our new home, and she did a wonderful job representing us and getting the job done.

Home in Oakwood

Jill and her team did a great job for us! We would highly recommend her to others selling their house in the Dayton area. She is the hardest working realtor we have ever worked with. Jill was very responsive to our needs as sellers and took care of every last detail for us. She is very  knowledgeable about older homes like ours and is a creative problem solver. We would not hesitate to work with her again in the future!

Home in Oakwood

Jill and Yaser were a great team!! We moved to our new home in Michigan while trying to sell our home in Oakwood. Jill repeatedly checked on our home while we were away, staged the lighting and even took care of the yard once we moved. They took away the stress of keeping up a house while being  five hours away. After checking on the home, Jill would text me to let me know the house was fine and our belongings were safe. Jill also has a great group of contractors to help with repairs and updates needed for selling. We were very happy with Jill and Yaser as our realtors! We sold our home in just over 30 days.

Home in Oakwood

We chose to work with Jill because of the success she had in selling so many other properties in Oakwood and the surrounding areas. She was very knowledgeable and truly cared about the outcome of our sale. She treated us like we were the only clients she had to work with, staying up late to take  phone calls and answering texts very early in the morning. Moving can be so stressful, it is nice to work with someone who is willing to help you every step of the way!

Carla Fiden

318 Thruston Blvd, Oakwood 45419

1312 Devereux Drive, Oakwood 45419

The services and support that Jill and her team provide are unparalleled. Jill and her team work around the clock to answer questions and provide access to resources and services that help simplify and demystify the process of buying and/or selling a home. You can see Jill's passion for what she does in the outstanding results that she delivers.

Jill has extensive knowledge of and experience within the local Oakwood market. She moves homes quickly and at great prices. The services and support that Jill and her team provide are unparalleled. Jill and her team work around the clock to answer questions and provide access to resources and services that help simplify and demystify the process of buying and/or selling a home. You can see Jill's passion for what she does in the outstanding results that she delivers.

Drew Fiden

318 Thruston Blvd, Oakwood 45419

1312 Devereux Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill was far and away the best realtor I've ever dealt with. She works harder than any other realtor I've dealt with. I appreciate her attitude, demeanor, and how she doesn't beat around the bush when dealing with people. Her attitude and personality aligned perfectly with mine. Her network of contractors, etc. is an incredible luxury to have when both buying and selling a home, which made it very easy to make alterations/upgrades to homes without having to seek outside help.

Jodie and Scott Kulka

27 Dixon Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Kathryn and Jill and infinitely knowledgeable about the Oakwood market and work hard for their clients.

David Bennedeto

317 Dellwood Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill provided easy access to the resources necessary to get our house ready for going on the market. This was incredibly valuable as we were in the process of moving to the West Coast on very short notice and were overwhelmed with working out all of the logistics. Having help getting the house ready to show was instrumental to getting the house sold quickly.

Mary Bennedeto

317 Dellwood Avenue, Oakwood 45419

From beginning to end it was a great experience. Jill and her team handled all our house selling needs. Jill offered suggestions, options, services, etc. Jill was confident in the pricing of our home. I was happy with the communication, too. Jill only called/texted/emailed as needed and was prompt in returning any of my texts/calls. I would highly recommend Jill Aldineh to anyone needing a realtor. In a heart beat, I would use Jill again to list our home or help us to find a home.

Chad Burkhardt 

17 West Peach Orchard Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team did a great job.

Heather Burkhardt

17 West Peach Orchard Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill is a full service real estate agent! Her team helped us navigate the whole process from beginning to end. Her experience in staging for open houses, negotiations, inspections and repairs to paperwork and closing were invaluable to us. Excellent communication from Jill's team helped us to have peace of mind during the process that we had the support of a team of professionals and we were always in the loop on everything that was happening. No detail left untouched. Thanks Jill!

Kim Buckingham

718 Harman Ave. Oakwood, OH 45419

1478 Sunset Drive, Fairborn 45324

762 Hunters Ridge Drive, Fairborn 45324


I met Jill at an open house she was hosting. I bought the house and used Jill as my realtor even though I had never met her until that day. She did such a great job and I trusted her expertise, that I used her as my agent to sell the home I owned. Jill is an expert in listing a house and getting results. I was very impressed on the amount of exposure she gave my home and the willingness to do what it takes to get it sold. I have worked with many realtors on previous home buying/selling, and she is one of the best. You can tell she loves what she does and always wants what's best for the client.

100% satisfied. I have used Jill in the past and have also referred her to friends and family - she never disappoints. She has sold homes for me in multiple city's and knows how to price them right. Each home has sold in less than 30 days. She also really cares about her clients. I highly recommend Jill and her team for buying and/or selling your home.

Kenneth and Kristin Chong

235 Wisteria Drive, Oakwood 45419

125 Wisteria Drive, Oakwood 45419

235 Spirea Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill provided exceptional service with the utmost professionalism! Their attention to detail enabled us to sell our home within the desired time frame and also purchase a foreclosure in accordance with the objectives and timelines we discussed. As an active duty service member I have lived in nine U.S. states and to have witnessed and participated in a selling and buying process that was executed with precision was an immeasurable joy! Obstacles were resolved expeditiously and open communications were maintained with all stakeholders. The Aldinehs have keen insight and knowledge in local properties and a host of quality contractors at their disposal. I forward my strongest recommendation to anyone considering the sale or purchase of their home within the Dayton metropolitan area to have a meeting with Yaser and Jill. You will be very pleased!

Angie and Chris Stroud

235 Schenck Blvd, Oakwood 45409

444 Volusia Avenue, Oakwood 45409

We are so appreciative of the support and advice given by Jill, which helped us sell our house in less than 12 hours! We also are grateful to the patience of Jill and her team in helping us find our new home in Oakwood. Jill's ability to make things happen, using her knowledge of the market and her service industry contacts (plumbers, electricians, general contractors, etc), made our experience much less stressful. And Jill's team (Lisa and Kathryn, especially) were fabulous to work with!

Jill and her team actively work to sell your home for the highest possible price. They are acutely aware of the Oakwood market and seek to make your dreams a reality.

Patrick Withrow and Josalyn Ruefly

4069 Ken Klare, Beavercreek 45432

Felt like a personal relationship instead of a business transaction.

Kathryn made my wife and I feel like we were looking at houses with a friend instead of a stale business transaction. We were able to get a hold of her for any and all questions we had during the entire process. She understood our needs and we ended up with a home we LOV

Raul Ordonez

440 Irving Avenue, Oakwood 45409

Jill is simply the best. She goes far beyond the call of duty for her client, and her extensive knowledge of the market is unmatched simply the best.

Matt and Lila Gwin

2516 Patterson Blvd, Kettering 45409

235 West Thruston Blvd, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team went far above and beyond our expectations. Their motivation, focus, and knowledge helped us get the best price for our house. 2 days after she listed our home a bidding war occurred and we accepted an offer better than our asking price. We've worked with many realtors over the years and Jill is the best. We give Jill our highest recommendation and look forward to working with her in the future.


Peggy and Martin Thompson

335 Wiltshire Blvd, Oakwood 45419  

Jill was very thorough. She was prompt about returning calls and answering questions. She always made us feel like we were her top priority no matter how busy she was. She made sure we got top dollar for our home. Overall excellent experience!!

Tina Bazzan

105 Alpine Lane, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team were helpful every step of the way. She assisted us in figuring out what we needed to do to get what we wanted in our chosen neighbourhood at a competitive price.

These are just some of my reviews, please go to Zillow.com, Trulia.com, or Realtor.com for a complete list.

Rachel and Michael Hobbs

621 Garden Road, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team were wonderful, they went above and beyond for us. I would recommend there expertise and professionalism to anyone. Thank you for everything, Rachel Hobbs

Michael and Andrea Lambert


5763 Pondview Drive, Kettering 45440

Jill Aldineh and her team were very responsive in their communication and service. They consistently went above and beyond to provide anything that we needed during a very stressful tome. We would definitely refer to anyone to her.


Donald Reynolds

919 Laurelwood Drive, Kettering 45419        

Jill and her team were very professional. My house had been listed with a different realtor for six months and hadn’t moved. I started interviewing new realtors and Jill and Kathryn stood out. They told me what needed to be done to my house, helped me do it, and had it sold in a month.


Minh Hess

319 Oakwood Avenue, Oakwood 45419         

Jill and Katherine were great. They were very supportive during the process of staging and once the deal was in the works. They helped with donations and getting rid of stuff as we packed to move.


Jonathan Hess

318 Oakwood Avenue, Oakwood 45419         

Jill had helpful expertise on where to set the pricing on our house, and did a great job advertising well. I was particularly impressed with the photography, so the house showed well online. But it was the support Jill was able to facilitate cleaning the house out (donation and trash pick-up) and to make some minor repairs (quickly, done well, and cost effectively) that really set her apart. Jill knew what needed to be done and helped us get the house into the best possible shape.


Eric and Sarah Rutkowski     

8901 Susan Drive, Centerville 45458

2986 Station House Way, Waynesville 45068

Went out of her way to get the best deal on our house we sold and fought for what we wanted on the new house. Second time working with her and her team and couldn’t be happier!


Bill and Maureen Wagner

103 Spirea Drive, Oakwood 45419

745 East Schantz Avenue, Oakwood 45419    

We chose to work with Jill because of her knowledge of the market, her willingness to listen to our needs, and her exuberance! Our needs were very specific as we were looking for a home that had the potential to be remodeled into an ADA home but still in our price range. She delivered her expertise in the remodeling field exceptionally well. For each home we looked at she would spend hours formulating ideas and plans on how the house could work for us. She took the time to show us homes multiple times. She responded immediately to any questions we had and if she did not have the answer she took the time to find it. Jill is upbeat and honest in her assessment of your home and your future home!


Kathryn and Brandi Storm

247 Green Street, Oregon District 45402

231 Green Street, Oregon District 45402

2300 Ridgeway Road, Oakwood 45419

We continue to use Jill with every buy and sell in Oakwood. She constantly has kept us involved with each process with each buy and sell. She has become a dear friend. Highly recommended!


Daniel Singer

4078 Ridgetop Drive, Bellbrook 45305

2812 Straton Court, Centerville 45458

Friendly professional help. They made the process much easier and favorably impacted the financial impact.


Joyce Singer

4078 Ridgetop Drive, Bellbrook 45305

2812 Straton Court, Centerville 45458

The guidance and support we received from everyone on Jill's team lead us to a very quick sale!


Alyssa Santos

309 Claranna Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Even with me out of state, things went well!


Jeremy Storost

404 Peach Orchard Avenue, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team were amazing!!! Though Jill has numerous clients I felt like I was her only client throughout the entire process. She truly went above and beyond what I had expected of a realtor to help me sell my home. I would highly recommend Jill and her team to anyone buying or selling in and around the the Oakwood area!


Morgan Miller

2628 Rockledge Trail, Beavercreek 45430

We worked with Lisa from Jill's team! As first time home buyers, my husband and I had little knowledge and a lot of questions. Lisa was always quick to reply when we reached out to her and she was patient, kind, and knowledgeable through the whole process. Having a realtor that we trusted made our first home buying process significantly less stressful and ultimately got us to closing feeling that we had made a fair deal on the perfect first home for us!


Tiffany Spahr

Lisa was our realtor. She has been wonderful to work with and there with us every step of the way. Always available to answer questions, and most importantly to calm my nerves when I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. She will be out to to realtor from here on out.

David Welsh

3842 Kenwick Drive, Kettering 45429

Lisa was our realtor. She has been wonderful to work with and there with us every step of the way. Always available to answer questions, and most importantly to calm my nerves when I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. She will be our realtor from here on out.


Ray Voelker

431 East Drive, Oakwood 45419

Jill and her team did a great job of bringing the home selling process to a conclusion we were all satisfied with!


Gil and Liz Mayeux

If you need to buy or sell a home in the Oakwood area, you should call Jill Aldineh. Jill and her team are not only #1 in Oakwood home sales, they are extremely caring people. We first met Jill, Kathryn and Lisa when our daughter was selling her home and buying a new one. Jill’s team of craftsmen did all of the repairs and upgrades necessary to sell the existing home and to make the new house a home. Based on these experiences, we turned to Jill to help us with a major real estate issue. Although Jill and her team are always extremely busy, Jill, Kathryn and Lisa jumped on our problem. They spent hours researching, analyzing data, creating visuals and the spreadsheets that we needed. Resolution of our issue would not have been possible without Jill’s help. We will certainly turn to Jill to sell our home in the future because, not only, is she an exceptionally gifted realtor, but also she and her team are genuinely nice people who care about and reach out to help others. If you have a real estate need, definitely choose Jill and her team because they will respond quickly, work tirelessly, get the job done in a timely manner, and as promised


Olivia and Daniel Unzueta

234 Triangle Avenue, Oakwood 45419

30 Forrer Blvd, Oakwood 45419

Jill is the best realtor I have ever had the privilege to work with. She is professional and down to earth. Her entire team is genuine and truly has the interest of her clients at heart, which is not something you can say about most realtors. Jill makes home buying and selling easy and stress-free. She handles absolutely everything which is great because the logistics of buying or selling can become overwhelming. You don't know a great realtor until you've worked with Jill.


Andrea Ables

575 Grandin Avenue, Springdale 45246

9683 Centerville Creek Lane, Centerville 45458

They went above and beyond to help me sell and buy my new home!